Top 10 Countries with Sexiest Women

While true beauty lies within, we still judge people by their appearance. But how can we stop doing that when there are so many gorgeous ladies around? Certain countries are even infamous for their women’s beauty. So, where do the most charming girls live? Let’s find out!


Miss Earth, Miss Universe, Miss International…with more than twenty victories under its belt, Venezuela is undeniable leader when it comes to beauty pageants. Some argue though, claiming that Venezuelan beauties win not because they look like goddesses but because of the huge popularity of such contests in the country.


Indian girls won twice at the Miss Universe contest, five times at Miss World, and once at Miss Earth. Luxurious black hair, big eyes, and a white-toothed smile – Indian women are outstanding. Add a healthy diet with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, bright national clothes, and the proud posture – and you’ll get a ready-made recipe for conquering men’s hearts.


With most of the population descending from Europeans, you can see why this country is labelled ‘the whitest’ in Latin America, along with Uruguay. So seeing a European-looking cutie on the street is a common thing here. Natural beauty and obsession with staying young of locals makes it hard to tell how old they are.


Tall, long-legged, funny, and often smiling blondes with blue eyes – that’s a portrait of typical Swedish girls. Around 90% of ladies here have blonde hair, and they’re so slim and graceful that every other lady looks like a supermodel. No wonder why Traveler’s Digest named the capital of Sweden a city with the prettiest girls.

South Korea

Modern South Korean culture has spread far beyond its borders. Asian TV shows, movies, and music videos have become popular all over the world, making women from this country a symbol of Asian beauty. And there are many other reasons for this: they’re like elegant porcelain figurines, with snow-white perfectly smooth skin, expressive eyes, and slim bodies.


Italian models are considered the best, and it’s not surprising. Local girls are known for their dark eyes, auburn hair, and perfect skin, and their southern beauty contrasts with a passionate temperament and confidence.


Ukrainian females are often called the pretty ukrainian ladies on Earth. That’s why men dream of finding a Ukrainian bride. A mixture of Slavic and European roots gave these beauties a very distinctive appearance – proportional and expressive facial features, tender skin, and a variety of hair and eye colors.


In Brazil, you can meet blondes and brunettes, slender models or curvy beauties. The prettiest Victoria Secret Angels come from Brazil: Adriana Lima, Gisele Bündchen, and Alessandra Ambrosio. Besides, this country is known for women’s passion for fitness and self-care, so ladies of different ages often look great.


In Russians, soft and gentle Slavic appearance is often combined with oriental features. Russia is a huge country and has a various types of beauty: you can meet a sophisticated European lady, as well as hot southerner or an Asian femme fatale here. But a typical Russian woman is a brown-haired girl with gray or blue eyes.


Here you can find the perfect mix of exotic appearances and European facial features. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the country ranks second in the number of victories in the four largest international pageants. For example, in 2013, the Philippine beauty Megan Young won the Miss World contest.

Pain Away Mouse to Keep Your Finger Joints Healthy

Although the computer mouse is a useful device for manipulating the cursor, but as it turned out if it is often used, then we can cause significant harm to our health. Especially the tunnel syndrome of the wrist, which is familiar to the fans of video games. But because of the frequent clicking on the buttons of the mouse, even those who do not like the games, may get this problem. The so-called “Computer mouse syndrome” is a very annoying and harmful thing, which may cause constant pain.

What is it?

The first alarm signals are discomfort, weakness in the hand and arm. After continuous work at the computer, there is discomfort in the hand or aching pain in the wrist. These symptoms go away if you do a warm-up or give your arm a break.

The median nerve innervates all fingers except for the little one. Therefore, the distinctive feature of the tunnel syndrome is the absence of pain in the little finger.

Symptoms grow gradually over several years. Discomfort is associated with fingers feeling numb, the pain becomes more pronounced, burning. In severe form of the tunnel syndrome, the symptoms also spread to the little finger.

If in the initial stage of the disease the symptoms disappear after you give your hands a rest or warm-up, then in the future, numbness and pain in the hands persist, it may worry you at night.

Simple Tests for the Detection of Computer Mouse Syndrome

To make sure of the health of your wrists, you can perform simple tests.

Tapping with the index and middle finger on the wrist of the other hand causes a tingling in the fingers or a sharp spread of pain in the fingers, like an electric chamber.

The compression of the wrist in the area of the passage of the median nerve provokes numbness and/or the appearance of pain in the first, second, third and half fourth finger of the hand.

Flexion of the wrist by 90 degrees (hands can be folded, as in prayer, and lowered downwards until the angle between the wrist and forearm becomes straight) leads to pain, tingling in the hand or pain in less than 60 seconds.

In healthy individuals, unpleasant sensations appear later than in 1 minute. In the later stages, it becomes impossible to connect the little finger to the thumb or hold the bottle by the weight, wrapping it around the neck with fingers.

Therefore, to make your hand feel as comfortable as possible with the use of a computer, there is a huge number of ergonomic peripherals.

Mouse Up Mouse is designed specifically to avoid pain in the joints and muscles of your hand. This new device with a symmetrical design will appeal to all those who love an absolutely opposite approach to the device’s functioning. You will have to wear as a glove this mouse with an innovative design, but this is not just a marketing move by a developer or designer, that is what will ensure the work of the device.

Many believe that joint pains are due to the fact that our fingers are constantly bending, but we never unbend them back to their normal position. So our joints are always in the same condition. But with Up Mouse, you do not have to press the buttons like on a standard mouse because all the keys are located on top of our fingers. That is, if you need to press the left button, you lift your finger up and apply pressure to it.

Up Mouse will be a great mouse for you if you are concerned about the pain in your hand, but you still should be careful: if you have pain when using the device, then it’s better to immediately stop working with it.

Hand health is very important. By the way, this is the main reason why Slavic girlfriends pay so much attention to this. They care for their hands as well as for the rest of the body.

A Lifestyle Without Boundaries

Life is for living, yet for so many, it means being tied down to a job, stuck in one place, one holiday per year if you’re lucky, and then only for a few weeks. And to save money you visit relatives so you can save on accommodation! Sound familiar. We’ve all done it.

Well it’s time to get out of the boring, dull and monotonous routine and start living. Time to break through the barriers that hold you back. Time to start putting your dreams into action and your goals into reality!

And here’s how to make it happen.

Rule number one – Get Started!

It’s no good talking about it, thinking about it, wishing for it or waiting for someone else to make it happen. If you want it all, you have to do it all, simple as that.

Stop comparing someone else’s life with your own, and wishing yours was better. Make it better. That’s what a lifestyle without boundaries is all about. And anyone can do it, you just have to get started.

Doing the same thing the same way, year in year out will not get you the results you want. You need change. You need a different direction, and you need action.

As the saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”. And how true it is. Talking about a better life won’t get you one, but putting a plan into action will.

Rule number 2 – Keep At It.

So many people make the decision to change, stick at it for a month or maybe even a year, but as soon as it gets too hard they give up. If you want it all, if you want a lifestyle without boundaries, you can not be a quitter. Quitting is not an option, and you must be prepared to take the word quit out of your vocabulary if you are ever going to be successful and achieve your goals.

Finally rule number 3 – Don’t Let Others Drag You Back.

The road to where you want to go won’t be a smooth one, let’s be practical. There will be bumps, twists and turns. But you must stay on the track if you want to finish the journey. So be prepared, there will be plenty of people trying to pull you back. They will offer all sorts of advice, they will tell you things like “you can’t do that” or “it will never work”. Just remember, the ones who tell you, you can’t, are the ones who don’t do it themselves! And they have no business interrupting those of us who are.

To live a lifestyle without boundaries, to have freedom, time and money to really enjoy life, to provide for your family is there for anyone who makes the decision to do it. And with the persistence to see it through you will enjoy a lifestyle far beyond your dreams.

The Classic Styles Of Lace Dresses For Women

Women are fond of wearing dresses as per the changing trends and latest fashion. They aim for changing their wardrobe in order to follow ongoing fashion trend. You can easily find various kinds of dresses, suiting to wear on different occasions, in their wardrobes 24*7 . They are commonly fond of lace dresses as they can wear on their wedding and other special events also. Through lace dresses, some kind of freshness can be felt in the complete attire of a woman. Moreover, lace dresses are not only meant for marriage purposes, but also for routine office purpose as well as formal meets.

The trend of lace dresses never goes from the fashion world. Women can adapt this style to look the best amongst all. Lace dresses are made from the finest fabric and provides utmost comfort to a wearer. You can wear light accessories like bangles, earrings, etc. with lace dresses to give a perfect look. If you do not want to wear a complete lace dress, you can give lace touch in the bridal veils, as a waistband or on the skirt. There are two types of styles followed while wearing lace dresses. They are:

1. Empire Waist Lace Dress: This style of dressing gives a very elegant look and flatters the figure of a women in the perfect manner. In this kind of style, the waist line is kept under the bust line. Available in various colours and styles, garments containing empire waist lace can be worn on several occasions. Gold flower lace ponte and signature lace dresses are very popular amongst women.

2. Sleeveless Cut Lace Dresses: If you are looking for a lace dress meant for summers then you can choose to wear sleeveless lace dresses. They give a very casual look and seems to be perfect for any woman. The best part is that they are light in weight and airy, thus easy to be carried on.

Women can buy a beautiful lace evening gown that gives a lovely outlook to them on their wedding day. If they are searching for exclusive range of lace wedding dresses, ball gowns or for any other dress, do make research in clothing stores nearby your places. Adding to it, you can find your specific designer lace clothings at online stores as well. They have a huge stock of latest lace dresses as per the changing trends like antique-style laces. Moreover, online stores offer dresses at affordable rates as well. So, purchase trendy yet affordable lace dresses from reputed UK based online stores.

Biker Jackets A Style For Every Body Shape

As one of the key pieces for Spring/Summer 2011 and beyond, it will be important to know how to carry off the biker jacket, no matter your size or shape. No longer restricted to the world of rock bands and motorcycle troupes, designers and high street retailers now offer a range of styles to suit everyone.

The trick is to make sure you balance out your body, adding width or slimming down when needed, to give a well-proportioned silhouette.

Read on for the definitive guide on how to buy a leather jacket to suit your body shape and make sure you get the look right:

Opting for a shorter or cropped leather jacket will flatter the bottom half of your figure by drawing attention upwards to your tiny waist and toned tummy. Hip-length coats will generally emphasise your widest areas, making them appear bigger than they are and swallowing your gorgeous curves. The good news is that cropped jackets are becoming increasingly popular with celebrities, with A-listers like Gwen Stefani and pear-shaped beauty Kim Kardashian spotted wearing this shape. If you do want to choose a longer style, attract the eye to your upper half with a colourful scarf or chunky necklace.

Those with a heavier top half or thicker waist should draw the eye downwards to a slim pair of hips and legs with a medium or longer style of jacket, which will also elongate your torso. Styles that flare out at the hip will also add balance, making your body appear more in proportion. Dark colours will work best, while softer fabrics, such as a suede jacket, will also slim the upper body by eliminating harsh angles. Team with heels and a pair of light coloured jeans to additionally flatter your figure.

Women with a straight up-and-down figure can create curves with extra details, such as chunky zips, studs, and shearling, which will add dimensions. These styles have been hot on the catwalk this year and have been quickly mimicked by high street stores, so getting hold of this style should be easy. Dress your biker jacket up with a body con dress and killer stilettos, or down with jeans and flats. Braver fashion followers may want to opt for quilted leather, which has been spotted on the likes of Kimberly Walsh and Rachel Bilson, to really make a statement.

Considered to be the most easy-to-dress body shape, women with an hourglass figure suit most styles and shapes. However, if you want to accentuate your naturally nipped-in waist, go for a tailored style that comes in and out with your silhouette. Vertical details, like eye-catching zips leading from your neck to your hips, will also draw the eye down your body, making you appear slimmer.

Copy the Catwalk This Winter

This winter has really seen some unique and chic styles hitting the catwalk, and it hasn’t taken shops long to stock every item they possibly can. As the cold and crisp months draw in, one item really making a statement this winter is the woman’s jumper. However they are not just plain boring styles, but an array of colourful patterns and beautiful knitting has really brought the jumper into its own world.

If you are looking to buy a jumper then a Christmas style jumper will definitely make a fashion statement as they are really in hot demand at the moment. Fairisle and snowflake patterns are really popular and they really aren’t that expensive. In fact there are many online retailers who are selling Christmas jumpers well under 20. An item that goes well with a winter jumper is a knitted hat, and they certainly look cute out in the cold weather, plus there are so many styles and designs out there available to buy that finding one which suits you is a very simple task. Many knitted hats come with matching gloves and scarves, so you really can wrap up warm this winter whilst looking cosy and fashionable.

Carrying on with the knitted theme this winter, cardigans seem to be out there in their droves and many celebrities have been wearing them out and about recently. When December settles in fully, layers really are the most important thing to consider and having a knitted jumper or cardigan will really make that difference whilst still making you the envy of fashionistas. Knitted clothing seems to be available in every colour under the sun, and there are many different styles out there to choose from. Even knitted skirts are making an appearance this winter and teamed up with leather brogues can look really stylish and elegant. These days’ people simply don’t have the time to make a trip down to the local shops and spend hours searching through clothing rails for something to wear. The internet can make the process of choosing out an outfit simple, and you might even be surprised just how much money you can save by a click of a mouse. Many online fashion retailers offer a -just in’ section, so you can see what the latest trends and styles out there are, this makes it easier to keep up with the trend setters out there and you can really impress your friends by wearing the latest item before everybody else.

For the latest Women’s Jumpers, look online as there are hundreds of deals on Cheap Womens Clothing for you to choose from.

The New Jersey Civil Service Exam The Importance Of Preparation

If you are applying for a job for the state or county in New Jersey, chances are you will be required to take a test. You must pass the New Jersey Civil Service Exam. But you not only have to pass the exam, you need to pass with a high score. Those that do minimal studying in order to pass are in for a big surprise. Passing is one thing. But getting a high score is the only way youll be considered for employment.

Do not think that you just need to pass this exam. Many people sit for the exam. These people want the same job that you do. There is a wide range of the amount of preparation that the people taking the test have put in. Some did not study at all thinking that they dont need to. Some didnt study thinking they would just wing it. Others studied a little thinking that it would be enough to pass. And then there are some that really studied knowing that a high score was necessary. Why sit for the exam if you know you wont be one of the final potential applicants?

The New Jersey Civil Service Exam tests you on a number of skills. Your potential employer wants to make sure you can do the job before offering you the position. The test can be beat if you know what to study and how to study.

You should not waste your time studying for things that are not on your exam. Do your homework, it will save you time later on. Check with the agency and find out what will be on your test. Then find a relevant study guide. A study guide can point you in the right direction and keep you focused on what you need to study.

The best way to prepare for the test is to take a practice exam. Taking a practice exam will help you to become familiar with the format of the questions so that you know what to expect. You will also recognize your weak areas so that you can spend additional time studying those areas.