And don give me that bullshit about “why don they just play

I unblocked them and never encounter this problem since then.Of course, that just my case, I wouldn know what causing this error for you. 20 points submitted 9 months agoPeople do not play quickplay to try, they either do it to have fun flanking and playing an unfamiliar hero, or to practice mechanical skill.If you buy a competitive game, without the intention of playing competitively, and you join the group literally made for non competitive play, how the fuck can you get mad about people not playing to win??? If you want to play the game in a competitive enviroment, or run a scrim, or “practice team composition”(what even), take the pacifier out of your mouth, and play competitive. If you don want to play competitive, play quick play, and suck it up when the same people as you loaded up QP SPECIFICALLY wanting to chill out and not focus or try.And don give me that bullshit about “why don they just play arcade instead” when they got the same people complaining that people don try in arcade.

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