Jennifer Lopez told Andy Cohen onWatch What Happens Livethat

The young brunette sighs as she sees another mail pop up on her inbox quickly followed by another one. She purses her lips in half annoyance before she moves her head to the side only to facepalm herself when she sees her intern typing angrily on his own computer a few feet away from her, his tongue out in deep concentration and his eyebrows furrow together in fury.She rolls her eyes before picking up her office phone and dialing a familiar extension number on it.”Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” She asks as soon as the line opens, not bothering to even say hello.”Keith looking seconds away from snapping his keyboard in half because he’s fighting your cub? Yes.” A dry voice answers her and Blue almost snorts.”How long has this been going on again?” Blue questions as she places the phone on her shoulder to free her hands and clicks on the newest emails.From: Keith KoganeSent: Monday, 30th of May from 2017 10:36 amTo: Lance McClain Cc: Bianca Solis; Robin ReyesSubject: RE: Office Material RequestedOk, noted.Keith Kogane Voltron Inc.Tel. XX+ (21) 4X21 12X0 ext.

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