Pain Away Mouse to Keep Your Finger Joints Healthy

Although the computer mouse is a useful device for manipulating the cursor, but as it turned out if it is often used, then we can cause significant harm to our health. Especially the tunnel syndrome of the wrist, which is familiar to the fans of video games. But because of the frequent clicking on the buttons of the mouse, even those who do not like the games, may get this problem. The so-called “Computer mouse syndrome” is a very annoying and harmful thing, which may cause constant pain.

What is it?

The first alarm signals are discomfort, weakness in the hand and arm. After continuous work at the computer, there is discomfort in the hand or aching pain in the wrist. These symptoms go away if you do a warm-up or give your arm a break.

The median nerve innervates all fingers except for the little one. Therefore, the distinctive feature of the tunnel syndrome is the absence of pain in the little finger.

Symptoms grow gradually over several years. Discomfort is associated with fingers feeling numb, the pain becomes more pronounced, burning. In severe form of the tunnel syndrome, the symptoms also spread to the little finger.

If in the initial stage of the disease the symptoms disappear after you give your hands a rest or warm-up, then in the future, numbness and pain in the hands persist, it may worry you at night.

Simple Tests for the Detection of Computer Mouse Syndrome

To make sure of the health of your wrists, you can perform simple tests.

Tapping with the index and middle finger on the wrist of the other hand causes a tingling in the fingers or a sharp spread of pain in the fingers, like an electric chamber.

The compression of the wrist in the area of the passage of the median nerve provokes numbness and/or the appearance of pain in the first, second, third and half fourth finger of the hand.

Flexion of the wrist by 90 degrees (hands can be folded, as in prayer, and lowered downwards until the angle between the wrist and forearm becomes straight) leads to pain, tingling in the hand or pain in less than 60 seconds.

In healthy individuals, unpleasant sensations appear later than in 1 minute. In the later stages, it becomes impossible to connect the little finger to the thumb or hold the bottle by the weight, wrapping it around the neck with fingers.

Therefore, to make your hand feel as comfortable as possible with the use of a computer, there is a huge number of ergonomic peripherals.

Mouse Up Mouse is designed specifically to avoid pain in the joints and muscles of your hand. This new device with a symmetrical design will appeal to all those who love an absolutely opposite approach to the device’s functioning. You will have to wear as a glove this mouse with an innovative design, but this is not just a marketing move by a developer or designer, that is what will ensure the work of the device.

Many believe that joint pains are due to the fact that our fingers are constantly bending, but we never unbend them back to their normal position. So our joints are always in the same condition. But with Up Mouse, you do not have to press the buttons like on a standard mouse because all the keys are located on top of our fingers. That is, if you need to press the left button, you lift your finger up and apply pressure to it.

Up Mouse will be a great mouse for you if you are concerned about the pain in your hand, but you still should be careful: if you have pain when using the device, then it’s better to immediately stop working with it.

Hand health is very important. By the way, this is the main reason why Slavic girlfriends pay so much attention to this. They care for their hands as well as for the rest of the body.